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Reasons Why You Should Pull A Publicity Stunt As A Celebrity

According to Wikipedia,publicity stunt is defined as a planned event designed to attract the public attention to the events organizers or their cause. Most often we hear news and people go like it's a publicity stunt yet not all of us really know what a publicity stunt is. The intentional staged event of an artiste or a celebrity to get him or her in the news is what we term as a publicity stunt.

The most talked about celeb is one who always appears in the news.Shatta Wale is one artiste who is good at making it to the news and blogs.As at 2014 he has been the most talked about artiste right from the day he caused Mayhem at the Vodafone Ghana Music awards.This how ever gave him his break through and it's helped in selling his songs to the world. We are not saying its a good thing to cause harm to any one but sometimes a publicity stunt is neccessary and these are the reasons why you should pull a publicty stunt once in a while.

A stunt is not a bad thing,else where in other countries even bigger companies and organisations stage news worthy events just to attract media coverage.They are sometimes in the form of ground breakings press conferences or organised protests. Below are some of the reasons which makes a publicity stunt necessar

1.Public Attention

One of the basic reasons why people stage publicity stunts is to get people's attention or media coverage. A well planned and stage publicity would get people talking about you or your brand how ever drawing more attention towards you. This is a positive sign and it goes in the artistes favour.The more you get to be talked about,the more people get to know you. Public attention is very good in the career of an artiste i see nothing wrong with one or two publicity stunt to draw people's attention towards.But how ever it shouldn't be abused and over done,if so it raises an eye brow and makes you an incompetent act who has nothing to offer.

2.Good Promotional Strategy

Oh yeah it is a very good promotional plan or strategy,you can stage a newsworthy publicity stunt ahead of an upcoming event or a press release. If carried out successfully this would give your event a bit of recognition.Example is in the case of a new music video or song which is yet to be released if you are lucky enough and something comes your way which gets the media to be talking about you,you can capitalise on this and announce your yet to be released video or song.Not every stunt is supposed to be negative as people always presume it to be.


As mentioned earlier public stunts gets people talking about you and draws some attenntion on you positively and negatively depending on how you stage it. News how ever shows your relevance,because if you aren't putting out anything productive or you not entertaining your fans in any way then the media would not bother talking about you. If you are not making it to the news,blogs etc then a check needs to be done your brand is either dying or you are losing recognition.

4.Trying To Cast A Message Across:

Sometimes you wanna get a message across and yet no one is ready to listen or pay attention to you.A good and well planned and staged publicity stunt should be able to tell your message and give you the attention you craving for. One will say why pull a stunt when you can put the message in a song if you really want to make a point. But the truth is no one really pays attention to the message in songs these days.Depending on the seriousness of your stunt,your message could reach a larger audience more than what your song could have.

5.Media Attention:

The media and public response work hand in hand,the logic is simple what ever the public is interested in the media is also interested.And what ever the media is interested in the public is also interested.This is how the system works a well staged and planned public stunt is no crime,especially if it turns out successful and the media makes a coverage of it.

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