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Ghanaian Rappers Who Switched From Rapping To Singing

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Hardly do people discover their talents and even if they do,they hardly find ways to make a living out of their God given talents. Music business is one of the lucrative careers in the world.Music pays very well in countries with good structures and a very strong music industry.But in Ghana Most people think music is only for school drop outs and what we are forgeting is, there's a difference between a profession and a career. Example is Knii Lante who is a Medical Doctor by profession and music is his career.

Today we are going to be talking about 11 good Ghanaian rappers who started their music career with rap and later realised they could sing too.Like i said,hardly do people discover their God given talents and even when you do,to know what you are really good at is a different topic. Some of these musicians have either switched completely from rap to do full time singing where as some are blending both the rap and singing. Check the list out below

1. Gasmilla

What most people do not know is that Gasmilla is a very fine rapper infact one of the best rappers Ghana's ever had yet he's doing "ASOKPO". He sings very well too and seems to be comfortable with singing,perhaps if he had focused on rap he wouldnt be making hits and making all the money he's spending today. He's served us with songs such as 3 points,... and the almighty Telemo which was a massive hit in Ghana.

2. Okyeame Kwame  

Second on our list is Okyeame Kwame the Rap Doctor. Okyeame Kwame was part of the duo called "AKYEAME". He's been rapping over the years untill recently we heard him singing in most of his songs. But fortunately unlike Gasmilla Okyeame seems to be blending the two,he didn't leave one for the other. He's served us with songs like Faithful,Small Small and ....

3. Obrafuor

We are not going to say much about the Rap Sofo), we all know how good Obrafuor is when it comes to rap. Infact i can boldly say he's one of the rap legends Ghana has. He's been a role model and inspiration to some rappers like Sarkodie and M.anifest. He's a fine singer too he's featured on songs like "No short cut to heaven" by M.anifest,"Kwame Nkrumah" by E.L and Saminna by Bisa K'dei.

4. Chase 

He's popularly known for hit songs like Lonely,Fire on the mountain,Got my eyes on you etc. But what people do not know is that chase started his music career as a rapper. He's won a lot of rap battles in his early days until he diverted to do full time singing. We do not know what actually triggered the change of mind but it surely paying and we cant complain.

5. Ezzy

Any one who knows Ezzy would testify that she started rapping in her early days in the music industry. Her first song Ghanaian's fell for was actually a rap song with a simple hook "Bo Won sam mami" produced by Richie Mensah of Lynxx entertainment. But now she's a full time singer hardly do we hear her rapping lately. But provided she's still doing music we are okay.

6. Lousika

Lousika too is another one,she started off very well and just when we thought the future of female Ghanaian rappers was about to take a different dimension with the help of people like Lousika,she switched from rap and started singing. Smallest time all we heard was she's pregnant now "mpo dier" she has stopped music "koraa". We pray she finds her feet and gets back to the music game.

7. Lil Shaker

8. Kofi Kinaata
9. Castro
10. Edem 
11. Joey B

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