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7 Types Of People Every Artiste Needs To Form His Management Team

Artiste management is very essential in the career of every business minded musician.
Untill you start realising you are a brand and you need to start getting paid as an artiste
then you are only wasting your time. I always say that if you are good at something,make sure
you don't do it for  free.And as an artiste or a brand your talent needs to fetch you money into your

Well you can't do this with just one or two friends and you can't do it alone either,that is why every artiste needs a management team.A management team compromises of a list of professional individuals who are coming together to uplift you as a brand and also carry out your day to day activities.In other words a management team is the back bone of every artiste,without your team you are nothing. You are nothing because you can't execute everything on your own. Your's is to deliver and leave the rest to your management to take care of everything on your behalf.There are a long list of people who make up an artiste management team but today we are going to be talking about a few and the vital ones  you need as an artiste.

1.Personal Manager

The role of the artiste manager is to represent you the artiste when ever necessary and also over see every aspect of your career in the music business.It is also the duty of an artiste manager to advice the artiste on all business decisions and every other decision making to help uplift the artiste as a brand. As an artiste manager,you should be knowledgeable enough to carry out all these. You should have a background knowledge in music business,Accounting and entertainment law.In other words you should be skillful in business relations.

2.Road Manager

Never confuse a road manager with a tour manager,their work seems similar but are far different. According to wikipedia a road manager is a person who works with mid-sized tours.It is his duty to make travel and hotel arrangements for all the members of the team. For example lets say Sarkodie has a show outside Ghana,it is the road manager's duty to secure Visa's,hotel reservations and handling personal issues.And also depending on the authority given by the artiste manager,the road manager is responsible for hiring backlined techs or recommended techs to be hired for a show or any event what so ever.


The work of a publicist is to get the artistes in the news(Tv,radio,Magazines,Blogs etc) as often as possible.Publicity helps to sell the artiste and his songs to the world.In Ghana today the most talked about artiste is the one who is always in the news,this how ever helps you in your production.Because everyone wants to listen to something new from you and even those who dont know you, yet they hear about you on radio and read about you online would love to also know what makes you so special and most talked about.This how ever would trigger any one to research about you and listen to some of your songs.And thats the power of publicity,no wonder some artiste always pull a publicity stunt just to be in the news.

4.Business Manager

The business manager handle's the financial affairs of the artiste.He should have a business skill and a background knowledge in accounting,negotiating,investments and tax laws. An artsite business manager should have atleast a minimum of a university degree in business administration to qualify him to take up this job.


It is the duty of a promoter to make sure your songs reach the radio stations,Tv stations and all the online music blogs(especially NowPlayingGh.com).Promoters work directly with Dj's and programme directors at radio and Tv stations in other for the submitted songs to get air plays.Music Bloggers also play a role in getting artiste songs to the world hence when submitting your songs we shouldn't be left out.Without a promoter,your songs would never be heard,even if it does it would never reach a large audience as a promoter would make it happen.

6.Public Relations Officer(P.R.O)

A public relations officer is more unless like the artiste's official spokes person.He represents the artiste and the entire management in the public domain. In the case of an event or when the artiste is need to answer some questions on Tv or radio,they call upon the Public Relations officer to do the speaking on behalf of the artiste.
Like i said earlier,you can't do everything on your own.You need a professional who is trained in communications to do the talking since you are now a brand.

7.Tour Manager

Lets say an artiste is out there on a tour,which means he would be performing at different venues at different times. It is the duty of a tour manager to organize the administration or the team for a schedule appearance of the artiste at these different venues.The tour manager travels with the artiste and the management,he produces a budget for the tour,and he submits a weekly report to the business manager.

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