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10 Ghanaian Celebrities Rumored To Be DaDa Bees

In Ghana, "Dada Bee" is a street term used to describe a person who's born into riches or from a rich home. There are 3 classes of families in Ghana they are the 1st,2nd and 3rd class family respectively. If you are fortunate to be in the first or second class family, then you can thank your stars. 3rd class families are often not well to do and sometimes are faced with a lot of financial set backs.

Today we are taking a look at some of our Ghanaian celebrities whom over the years have been rumored to be Dada Bees. The list we have below is not in any special order. Flip through the list below and enjoy.

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D-black has always been a Dada Bee, he has a foreign blood and that alone should trigger you to know he's not a poor boy. He attended some of the big schools in Ghana and is doing well on his own now with or without music.

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Oh yes E.L is among the list of rich boys in the game. He holds a lot of degrees and before fame he was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is indeed from a good home.. he drives a GMC which he bought way before he became a star. E.L is a confirmed Dada Bee

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We all know Efya, the girl whose mum used to host "Greetings from Abroad". Someone whose mum flies to different countries for a television show you need not to be told she's lived a Dada Bee life before. Something dey house.



This list would have never been complete had we left out M.anifest. He is the son of one of the renowned Lawyers in Ghana(Tsatu Tsikata). He spent almost all of his life abroad(schooling) but prefers the Madina street life. He is indeed an African boy and reps Africa but he's not the regular African boy. M.anifest is a Dada Bee.

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Another Dada Bee who shot his way to mainstream with just one hit song. Ever since, the singer/rapper hasn't had any good come back to the limelite but is still relevant with some few banging songs here and there but not a massive hit as compared to the ones he released in his early days
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6.Jay So

His accent alone should tell you something.. rumors has it that he has difficulties speaking the local dialect.

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In Adomaa's case am not so sure if what am hearing is true or not. But information has it that she is the daughter of a very big man in Ghana and that due to her family's affiliations, she's been backed by her father's wealth. Aside that she has a very beautiful voice and sings so well.

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8.Dee Monney

This the young chap D-Black discovered and brought him to the lime lite. According to hear say, Dee Monney is from a very wealthy home and has everything at his disposal. His working relationship with D-black didnt go quite well so for now he is working solo.

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9.The Ayew brothers

Unlike other footballers who made it from no where, the Ayew brothers were living the life way before they started playing big games. They happen to be the children of Ghanaian football legend, Abedi Pele.The name rings a bell right. 

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This list would have never been complete had we left out sister Becca. Born to Mr. Acheampong, Becca has been showered with all the goodies in life since childhood. And at a point where she decided to go against her fathers will he threatened to disown her (Typical Dada Ba).

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